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PgCenter 0.2.0 Released.

What’s New in PgCenter 0.2.0.

pgCenter is the top-like PostgreSQL statistics viewer. The pgCenter provides convenient interface for PostgreSQL statistics and allows viewing statistics changes in time interval, eg. per second. Also pgCenter provides fast access for database management tasks, such as configuration files editing, reloading services, viewing log files and cancel or terminate database’s backends.
Today pgCenter 0.2.0 was released and new version has two major features.

iostat and nicstat
Now pgCenter can displays input/output statistics for disk devices and partitions and network traffic statistics. Statistics interface is identical with iostat and nicstat utilities. Input/output statistics for disk devices includes information about IOPS, bandwidth, queue, latency and utilization. Network traffic stat displays information about bandwidth (bytes/packets), errors and interfaces utilization. By default these statistics not displayed and can be enabled (or disabled) with hostkeys. B for iostat, I for nicstat. Details and additional info about field’s descriptions can be obtained from man pgcenter.

pg_stat_statements improvements
The pg_stat_statements statistics now has all information which available from pg_stat_statements view.

  • Resource utilization – now we can determine how cpu or input/output resources were consumed by particular type of queries.
  • Buffers input/output – allows to determine how many pages were read, written or dirtied in shared buffers per query (values shown in kylobytes, not in pages).
  • Temporary input/output – all queries which use temp files can be found and optimized (values shown in kylobytes, not in pages).
  • General query info – for all types of queries we can see the number of calls and returned rows.

In additional, if you interested in details of specific query, you can get detailed report about this query using his queryid (G hotkey).

Other fixes and improvements

New release also has many small improvements. All known errors and segfaults were fixed. Thereby, with this new release, pgCenter becomes more stable and mature.


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